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Our Services

General Construction
Gas leak repairs & replacements

  • Poly, cast iron or steel
  • Emergency on-call crews
  • Open cut or bore

Municipal and Rural Water Systems

  • Poly Water Systems
  • PVC Water Systems

Street light Installation & Maintenance for Residential and Commercial Developments

  • PVC, Poly or Steel
  • Up to 18" diameter and 700' in length
  • Small driveway shots to large highway bores
  • Extreme rock with Ditch Witch 3020 AT

Underground Utilities
Electric, Gas & Telecommunication infrastructure

Approved Oncor, Atmos Energy, AT&T, HilCo, Verizon, CoServ Electric and Gas and Texas Gas Services contractor

Gas Services

  • Trench & pipe
  • Open cut or Bore
  • Poly

Electric Services

  • Trench, Pipe & Wire
  • Open cut or Bore

Electric & Gas Relocations
Project Management

Coordinate subcontractors for any variety of utility project. Among the project manager's skills are the ability to plan, stay calm under pressure and manage a team to deliver a successful conclusion. Being a project manager means having a clear and well thought out plan and calmly leading your team to a successful conclusion.

Selecting the team we must recruit the right people, and by 'right' I don't mean best. The right people for a project are those that can deliver quality products and services, on time and on budget. Look for a mix of different skills and abilities applicable to your project, and not just paper qualifications you'll never need.